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Hello there, I'm d0m Ginhac.


Who I am

I'm a Professor of Electrical Engineering at University of Burgundy at Dijon (France). I've been developing scientific activities on hardware design of smart vision systems and implementation of real-time image processing applications since 2000 when I joined the Laboratory of Electronics, Informatics and Image - Le2i UMR 6306.

A long time ago

After a Master’s Degree in Engineering (1995) at Polytech Clermont-Fd, I joined LASMEA lab at Blaise Pascal University, Clermont-Fd. In 1999, I received the PhD degree in Computer Vision for researches on fast prototyping of vision algorithms on dedicated parallel architectures.

In 2000, I joined the Laboratory of Electronics, Informatics and Image - Le2i at the University of Burgundy as an assistant professor. Le2i is a a research laboratory under the supervision of the University of Bourgogne and the CNRS. With about 200 people, Le2i lab is the only one in Sciences and Technologies of Information and Communications (ICT) in Burgundy. It covers a broad spectrum of research activities within the three following scientific departments: Computer Sciences, Vision, and Electronic.


My research activities are clearly part of the Electronic department and can be seen as the crossroads between algorithmic and hardware solutions dedicated to real-time embedded image processing applications. My aim is to develop new smart imaging technology in which sensing and processing are integrated as closely as possible in order to achieve both low cost, low power and high processing capabilities.

From 2000, my research activities were first in the field of rapid prototyping of real-time image processing on dedicated hardware. I mainly developed VLSI CMOS imaging technology with the main objective to explore focal-plane image processing because using a processing element per pixel offers the opportunity to achieve massively parallel computations and thus the ability to exploit the high-speed imaging capability of CMOS image sensors. More recently, I have developed some expertise in the field of design of smart camera, and embedded image processing on DSP/FPGA platforms.

From 2007 to 2009, I had the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills in the field of Cognitive science, that can be applied to smart imaging systems. I was a visiting professor at Université Libre de Bruxelles in the Consciousness, Cognition & Computation lab.

In 2009, I was promoted professor and became head of the team Sensors & Hardware Architectures of the Electronic department of Le2i. In 2010, I became head of the Electronic department of Le2i (16 staff members, 20 PhD students) and Deputy Director of Le2i in 2011.

Currently, I am involved in various projects on smart sensors (VerIDIS, CAPTIvA, HiSIC) and smart cameras (HDR-ARtiSt, HiDRaLoN, ASTICO).

Since 2000, I supervised 8 PhD students and published 20 papers in international peer-reviewed journals, 3 book chapters and authored more than 50 conference papers.

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